Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Assalamualaikum w.b.t….

Brothers & sisters..
Just want to share something with you all…
Think carefully for our future generations…
Remember the quote “to see the future of nation just look at their youth @ youngsters"…
So what happens now will give big implication on our next generation…

It’s about using "Allah" for their God. Christians believe Jesus is the son of God.
So, the Malaysian Christians (I believe only a fraction of them) currently claim that the word belong to them as much as it belongs to Muslims.
To me, it’s really sad they can’t even accept simple thing & can hurt Malaysian Muslims really bad…
For many decades, we, Malay Muslims have sacrificed a lot for the other Malaysians (both as Malay race and as Muslim religion) in the name of unity.

But right now, when it will affect our ‘Aqidah’ & purity of Islam religion, it’s really TOO MUCH to compromise….
I don’t want our past mistakes to happen again & again…..
I believe this is a part of the Jewish plan.
So to all Muslims, please come and unite to protect our beloved religion & country….
P/S : Here, I attach some interesting photos that may open any Muslim's eye regarding this matter….
So, please don’t say in the name of democracy, or whatever…..

What will the kids think after seeing "Allah" on a church like this??
It’ll will confuse them!!. The next, they will ask: ‘Can we pray to Allah at a church?’ or ‘Is there more than ONE Allah?’ !!!!!!!
What will happen next?? This is already happening in East Malaysia , so please do something before it spreads here, to Peninsular Malaysia..

Don’t wait for this to happen in Malaysia, as in Indonesia. there is lot of confusion like this….

Then ‘Murtad’ will be so common & can’t be stopped anymore….

Again, to all my Muslim brothers & sisters, friend lets unite and face this for sake of our future generation…

Thank You. Allahuakbar!! Allahuakbar!! Allahuakbar!!


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